Ieva Rupenheite’s fourth collection of poems "Let the Woman"

palaidiet sievieti (Let the Woman) is Ieva Rupenheite’s fourth collection of poems.

“Time has passed since the collection nepāriet, and there is a need for a new book, in which the author’s lyrical heroine may have lost the last remnants of lyricism,” the author says, adding that “the title does not claim a socially critical message, and it has a rather distant connection with the mood of feminism. It is a line from a poem.”

"Ieva Rupenheite’s poems reveal a purposeful work with language that allows you to see the world in an unusual light. In her fourth collection of poetry, even the most mundane situation can serve as a starting point for a language experience that tends to shoot the reader’s associations in unexpected directions." (Kārlis Vērdiņš, editor)

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