Neputns publishes a book about the painter Otīlija Leščinska

The author of the book, Silvija Freinberga, says: “I would like to offer for publication a semi-documentary narrative about one of the first Latvian artists, currently little known - Otīlija Leščinskas, who once participated in the 1905 revolution and was one of the pioneers of modernist art in Latvian painting. The course of Otīlija Leščinskas' life is part of the rather difficult years of Latvian public life (1884–1923), which is also reflected in the text, and it is accompanied by tragic lifelong love (1905 fighter Kristaps Salniņš) and unexplained death in the Finnish river. There are also other personalities of his time, letters and memories of his contemporaries.”

Artist Zane Ernštreite

The publication of the book is supported by the State Cultural Capital Fund

The book is available here: Silvija Freinberga "Tija. Art, Revolution, Love"