Ronalds Briedis's poetry collection “Zero-sum” is published in Neputns

“In this collection, Ronalds Briedis throws the closing knot for one stage of his work, combining the echoes of his previous poetry collection with new motifs in a balanced and balanced arrangement. But the question of the ontological nature of laughter and the ability to laugh still resides in the center. Ronalds Briedis seems to have not read so much yet - the subtle polarity of the biographical cycle and the equally exquisite mastery of Latvian poetry in such a rare strict form - the crown of sonnets - are placed in the opposite poles of the collection. You will need to read this book slowly and repeatedly. Like - sometimes - your lived life. It helps to discourage,” says editor Māris Salējs.

Designer Zane Ernštreite

The publication of the book is supported by the State Cultural Capital Fund 

The book is available here: Ronalds Briedis "Zero-sum"