Neputns' yard celebration on 23rd of August!

The meeting point cannot be changed!

That's why this year, as usual - Neputns warehouse sale in the yard of Tērbatas Street 49/51 and on the website neputns.lv! The full range of discounted books will be available on the website from midnight of August 23rd, and the discounts will be valid until 23.59! We will start the yard sale at 11.00 and continue until 18.00. The Neputns gallery will also be open to those interested.


On August 23, in the same courtyard of Tērbatas Street 49/51, we will open the new book "Raiņa Street Circus" by Luīze Pastore with attractions and tasks for children!

We look forward to seeing you face to face or on the Neputns website!