The third collection of poems A Journey to the Consumer by Žebers

A Journey to the Consumer is Žeber's third collection of poetry, previous poetry book Spirits/Sidefects was released 14 years ago.

“When purchasing any product, including this book, the buyer or consumer meets a reference material accompanying the product, which contains instructions on the product and its use. If you have purchased furniture, the accompanying material will include a set of visual and graphic images showing how to put the item in the correct order for use, or in the case of household appliances, how to position and connect it properly to make it work. The longevity of the product and the safety of the consumer depend on how logically and sequentially the order of actions will be indicated. The book A Journey to the Consumer is intended for a closer look at all kinds of visual signs and indications,” says the author.

Raimonds Ķirķis, the editor of the book, states: “One must be careful in a world where mass production has developed to such an extent that products are endowed with consciousness. Their intentions are misleading, their functions unruly, but the will turns out to be the very opposite of human. Žebers knows the secrets of our most passive everyday companions and has warned us in time. The book can be used for educational purposes.”

Žebers (original name Andris Breže) is a poet and artist. Žeber's collection of poetry Spirits/Sidefects (2007), published in the publishing house Neputns, received the The Annual Latvian Literary Award in the category Poetry in 2008.

Supported by: State Culture Capital Foundation

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