A Scream between Apples. Fifty years later. Just in time

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A book by art historian Ieva Kalniņa Kliedziens starp āboliem (A Scream between Apples) strives to continue the theme begun in Māra Brašmane’s photo album Manas jaunības pilsēta (The City of my Youth, 2005, Neputns), offering an insight into the alternative culture of 1960s–70s youth. The subtitle of the book, "Fifty years later. Just in time", points to the fact that Ināra Kaija Eglīte is known as a poet without a book – and this is, according to the author's own words, "a debut and lifetime achievement in one breath".

At the beginning of the 1970s, Ināra Kaija Eglīte has participated in many performances and happenings by Andris Grinbergs, but her most significant contribution to the artist's creative work is her poetry for the first two films of Grinbergs' trilogy – “Self-Portrait” (1972) and “Self-Portrait. The Testament" (2003).

The collection consists of five chapters. The first – "The Strange City" – reveals a young person's view of the 1960s and 1970s as a special historical period. The second chapter "I'll wait for you and love you always" is focused on love lyrics. The poems of the third chapter, "Dialogues", are the poet's dialogues with herself, the reader and the invisible contemporaries. In the fourth chapter, "A Scream between Apples", which also includes some poems from the early 2000s, the author's inner time dominates. The fifth chapter, untitled, contains the poems, which the poet herself would not have included in his collection, but on whose rights to be published insisted the editor.

The book is complemented by Ieva Kalniņa’s interview with the poet, two large photo blocks, which give insight into the personality of Ināra Kaija Eglīte, 1960s–70s poetry environment and her participation in the performances of Andris Grinbergs, as well as an explanatory index of persons.

Regular price € 7.00