Jānis Roberts Tillbergs

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Series "Classics of Latvian Art" presents a book about Jānis Roberts Tillbergs (1880–1972).

Professor Jānis Roberts Tillbergs (1880–1972), who established the salon portrait and represents one of the major figures in 20th century Latvian art, is a very controversial figure. A convinced adept of Academic Realism, throughout his lifetime he was both praised and condemned in the name of various artistic interests. However, the portraits he painted of Latvian cultural figures, along with his work in other genres, his caricatures and his contribution to the development of Latvian caricature as such will remain as stable values in Latvian art

Māris Brancis

The series „Classics of Latvian Art” includes books of medium size, offering an easily perceptible information about Latvian classical artists and their works. Similar to the „STUDIJA Library” the series „Classics of Latvian Art” is intended as bilingual (Latvian/English), richly illustrated publications. An attractive supplement at the end of each book is a timeline where the life of Latvian artists can be viewed within the context of world events, revealing connections, parallels or just interesting coincidences.

Regular price € 9.00