Krišs Salmanis

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A book about Krišs Salmanis by Santa Mičule is published in the series “Studija Library”.

The art of Krišs Salmanis observes us quietly. Everyday paradoxes serve as allegories of existential situations, which both estrange the viewer, and give an insight into a calm buddhist view of the world. The art of Krišs Salmanis also quietly observes our own observations, not bothering us with trivial questions. It is the poetry of masking tape and post-it notes with mathematical ambitions: to measure the volume of infinite space, for example, or to work out the percentage of the inescapable presence of simplicity within the complexities of life.

Santa Mičule

"Studija Library” is a series of books providing a comprehensive insight into the Latvian art scene of the turn of the 21st century. Each book includes a basic text, an interview, a selection of images as well as full translation into English. The first book of the series was published in 2008.

Regular price € 7.00