Anna’s Dowry Cow

The fourth collection of poetry by Latvian poet and painter Anna Auziņa.

Anna Auziņa (1975) has worked as a copywriter, and does research in literary studies, as well as writes reviews of books of poetry, theatre plays, and is actively involved in the art world and criticism. Poems are often personal, yet well grounded in detailed references to objective reality and her memories of experiences as a child, a woman, and A human being. Anna Auziņa's poetry is calm and subtle, creating narratives that entangle the readers in elaborate images which encourage readers to address important issues. It has been said of her poetry that "her poetic forms vary a lot, while the mode is generally [a] kind of metaphorical statement-making" (David Hart, 2011). Auziņa's poems have been translated into Russian, English, Lithuanian, German, French, Swedish, Finnish, and several other languages, and have been included into such anthologies in English as Six Latvian Poets - New Voices from Europe published by Arc Publications in 2011, and A Baltic Anthology Book 1: Contemporary Latvian Poetry published by UNO Press in 2013. (www.latvianliterature.lv)