Notebook of Antennae

Third collection of poems by Latvian poetess Liāna Langa. She was awarded the topmost Poetry Day Prize for her first collection “Te debesis, te ciparnīca” (Now the heaven, now the dial; 1997), the second collection “Iepūt taurītē, Skorpion!” (Blow Your Horn, Scorpion!; 2001) received Annual Award for Literature and the 2002 Best Designed Book Award.

Poetry of Liāna Langa is like a journey in space and time where every instant is of equal importance, be it a travel in a suburban train or pondering about the eternity. Her poetry is born out of such instants, which are dense with meaning, and the sensation of presence. Poetry for Liāna Langa is an inner necessity through which she tries, albeit unobtrusively, to harmonise the surrounding world, to grasp the secret of being.