An Archaeological Guide in the History of Latvians and Latvia

Interest in ancient history of Latvia is one of the features characteristic of Latvian fiction in recent years. Authors of prose works are trying to give their own interpretation to events and processes of past times during different historical periods. In comparison, the Archaeological Guide by Director of the National History Museum of Latvia Arnis Radiņš contains a precise and authentic factual material obtained in archaeological excavations in the territory of Latvia.

The abundant visual material along with the captivating text makes the Archaeological Guide a perfect textbook of Latvian history.

The author guides the reader through 8 chapters of the book showing how the nation of Latvians was formed historically by merging of six tribes inhabiting the territory of Latvia – Latgalians, Semigallians, Selonians, Curonians, Livonians and Vends – and revealing both similarities and differences between them.

The author gives well-founded evidence of the cultural heritage of the inhabitants of the territory of Latvia till nowadays. The book includes also the newest conclusions and theories concerning the possibilities of archaeological investigation both of ancient and more recent history.