The Untitled

The sixth book in the series “Art Detectives” by the successful tandem of children’s literature – writer Luīze Pastore and artist Elīna Brasliņa – invites readers to join the already well-known trio of detectives Theo, Button and Comma on their adventurous journey into the world of the Abstract Expressionist painter Mark Rothko’s (1903–1970) paintings. The story is given the same name as the 1951 Rothko painting, into which the little detectives go – “Untitled”.

Luīze Pastore, Elīna Brasliņa

Theo and Button have grown up and their long-standing friendship has clashed, however both teenagers are forced to unite in order to search for the missing classmate and, among other things, to accomplish another important task – to save their friendship.

I’ve always thought that children’s and youth’s books should talk about emotions – not only about positive ones but also about anger, sadness, blues – about the totality of life, death and other borderline situations that help ‘see’ life.

Luīze Pastore
Luīze Pastore, Elīna Brasliņa

Luīze Pastore is a Latvian writer, author of nine children’s books for young readers in the age group 7+. Her books has been translated into English, French and Estonian. Luīze has received awards such as Annual Latvian Literature Award, International Baltic Sea Region Jānis Baltvilks Award in Children's Literature, Pastariņš prize, book "The Invisible Man" (from "The Art Detectives" series) was selected for "The White Raven" 2016 list.