Flea Circus

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Flea Circus is the fourth collection of poems by Arvis Viguls.

For me, this is a book of opposites – the absurd and the fantastic, which seems to be trying its best to fit into reality, are interspersed with autobiographical motifs and real facts, which in the end take revenge on the imagination, proving to be no less weird than the fruits of my imagination. The pandemic has put a bold end to this collection, most of which was written before the spring of 2020 – at times it seems that the whole world has moved to live in one of the Flea Circus poems.

Arvis Viguls

Arvis Viguls Blusu cirks-Neputns

The book is bound in fabric of eight different colours.

Arvis Viguls is a poet and poetry translator. Viguls’ previous collections of poems have received several literary awards: the Annual Latvian Literature Award, the Poetry Days Award twice, the Ojārs Vācietis Award, etc. In 2017, Viguls was included in the list of the 10 most interesting and important young European writers published by the network of literary organisations “Literature Across Frontiers”. Viguls’ poems have been translated and published in more than 20 languages, and his poetry collection Needle Manuscript has been published in Spain, Germany and Croatia.

Regular price € 6.00