Bolshevism and Culture

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The collection of essays “Bolshevism and Culture” selected by the author himself, which he characterises as “a certain Leninist-Stalinist entirety”, includes four essays on time and phenomena which until now have not been appropriately dealt with, and have always involved ultimate polarization. The collection of essays include the author’s preface, written specially for this publication.

The collection include four essays: “The fading reality of socialist realism: Aesthetics as a means of realpolitik”, “Lenin versus Bogdanov. Philosophical assumptions of the Russian Revolution”, “The mystical and magical signs of Stalinism: Juhan Smuul’s Stalinist poetry in its retorical context” and “Rhetorical constraints in Soviet historiography”.

Estonian writer, translator, literary theorists Jaan Undusk (b. 1958) is an author whose works should be translated into as many languages as possible. Undusk graduated from the University of Tartu, having studied Estonian language and literature, and is since 1986 Doctor of Philosophy (his dissertation was about Friedebert Tuglas). He is the director of the Under and Tuglas Literature Centre of the Estonian Academy of Sciences. In 2007 Jaan Undusk was elected a member of the Estonian Academy of Sciences. He has published literary research in several languages; his sphere of interest covers Baltic-German literary culture, Estonian literature, philosophy of history and language.

Regular price € 8.00