Poems after our Era

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"The essence of Ingmāra Balode's third collection lies in the word "after": she tries to answer herself and the reader what happens when one life is replaced by another," the editor of the collection Artis Ostups writes.

Ages, eras can last for a few years. Now, in an era of non-touch, I would like the texts in this book to allow the reader feel not only the ethereal and elusive nature attributed to poetry, but also the materiality, presence and touch of the world contained in words. Not always caressing, but hopefully alive and legible.

Ingmāra Balode

Ingmāra Balode (born 1981) is a Latvian poet and translator. Her first poems, short stories and articles were published in the 1990s. Her first collection of poems Hard Candy that Can Cut Your Tongue came out in 2007. Her second collection alba (2012) was also widely received and well reviewed by her contemporaries. Her poetry has been translated into English, Swedish, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Polish, and Czech, while she translates fiction mainly from Polish and English, and occasionally translates poetry from Czech, Slovakian and Russian.

Regular price € 5.00