Edvards Grūbe

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A monograph on the well-known Latvian painter Edvards Grūbe.

Edvards Grūbe is a master of colour, a painter whose chosen language is powerful and expansive enough to address and demand an equally strong observer. His works need distance, because the field of their influence is intense and ranges over a large space. Their message is indivisible from the matter of painting, which submits to his brush – fluid, existentially dramatic, ardently romantic and considerately tender. Right now, Edvards Grūbe’s painting marks one of the highest points of our culture. Scope and strength based in professional proficiency, thought whose fundamental simplicity has been tempered by life experience and intense intellectual probing during work to determine the dimensions of its depth, and an unbending stance on the ethics of art and the artist, independently of any rules imposed by the age: these are the assets in Grūbe’s creative fund today.

Laima Slava

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