Stage of the Screen: on the Acting in Latvian Cinema

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This book presents a rhisomatic, anti-hierarchical and non-linear assessment of acting trends and phenomena in Latvian cinema, from the first feature film made in the independent republic “As I Went Away to War” (1920) to the most recent Latvian movies.

Acting is analysed from a variety of perspectives – ontological, phenomenological and historical – deploying semiotic and performative theory.

The author’s central thesis is that the actor’s image on the screen does not exist as an autonomous entity outside of the film, therefore acting-related research must be viewed in conjunction with cinema as a complex apparatus.

The book is divided into three acts, which are further arranged into episodes. Like its title “Stage of the Screen”, the book’s structure is a reminder of the close relationship between theatre and cinema in Latvia, with both arts linked by acting.

Regular price € 15.00