Herberts Ernests Siliņš

An album of works by the joyful painter, master of brilliant colours, Herberts Ernests Siliņš (1926–2001). The story about the artist written by art historian Gundega Cēbere begins with the following words: "The creative heritage of painter Herberts Siliņš stands out gorgeously against the placid background of Latvian tonal painting. Painting is his life, the expression of his being; apparently he is not following any preconceptions or instructions in his spontaneous search for artistic style and force of expression. He boldly chooses vigorous and fascinating brilliance of colours."

He became widely known as a painter of billowing seascapes, adorned with spires of sailing yachts. However, his artistic scope turned out to be much wider: he was equally successful as a landscape and still life painter. This publication is evidence to it – as a hot summer greeting to those who are tired by winter.