Jānis Ferdinands Tīdemanis

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The series „Classics of Latvian Art” presents a book about Jānis Ferdinands Tīdemanis (1897–1964).

Like a sudden storm – surprising, passionate, also annoying – in the late 1920s Latvia’s art world was buffeted by Jānis Tīdemanis, a student in Antwerp. His Belgian-influenced, impulsively bright and expressively tense painting enriched the Latvian art scene, then slumbering in new realist torpor, with a bracing differentness. Tīdemanis’ constant, vital searching for new impressions of the world was a vast source of inspiration for him, expanding his range of genres and subjects. Some of his discoveries were innovations for the Latvian art of the time, as was his attitude as a modern, cosmopolitan artist. And Tīdemanis’ creative boldness encouraged his contemporaries, other young artists, to reappraise their artistic visions.

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The series „Classics of Latvian Art” includes books of medium size, offering an easily perceptible information about Latvian classical artists and their works. Similar to the „STUDIJA Library” the series „Classics of Latvian Art” is intended as bilingual (Latvian/English), richly illustrated publications. An attractive supplement at the end of each book is a timeline where the life of Latvian artists can be viewed within the context of world events, revealing connections, parallels or just interesting coincidences.

Regular price € 9.00