Kirkes grāmata / Kirke's Book

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"Kirkes grāmata / Kirke’s Book" is a long term collaborative project by artist Frančeska Kirke, art historian Anita Vanaga and designer of the book Anna Aizsilniece.

A hundred years. Three generations in art between wars and powers. Each of them adding their own part of puzzle to the ‘Kirke’s Book’.

Frančeska Kirke

At the launching party of the book, the author of the text Anita Vanaga, said: „’Kirke’s Book’ is about play, about relationship between weak and strong people, high and low culture, between different historic images, including three generations of artists in the family. The book tells about the art of Francisks Varslavāns, Večella Varslavāne, Gunārs Kirke and Frančeska Kirke.”

Alongside the text by Anita Vanaga the ‘Kirke’s Book’ includes a conceptual selection of photos from museums, the family’s and other archives. The album part of the book includes a selection of more than 100 reproductions of Frančeska Kirke’s works held in museums and private collections. Thus the book provides a unique possibility to view the works which are otherwise not possible to see all together.

The book is supplemented with bibliography and index of persons. The text is both in Latvian and English.

Regular price € 18.00