Latvian Photographers – Witnesses to War

“Latvian photographers in the war as photojournalists – so far there was no such word combination in Latvian periodicals, because, unlike writers, the biographies of photographers have not been systematically collected and researched,” writes the author of the book, photo historian Pēteris Korsaks. 

The book compiles data on 16 Latvian photographers who were called in during the First and Second World Wars: Ernests Zaļkalns, Gustavs Žakerts, brothers Mārtiņš, Tenis and Gustavs Luste, Tālivaldis Lindbergs, Eduards Kraucs, Gothards Grīnvalds, Jūlijs Karlovskis, Leopolds Sīpoliņš, Jānis Tālavs, Nikolajs Uldriķis, Teodors Bidegs, Stepans Burkevics, Jānis/Džons Doreds and Juris Zīverts. 

The book provides brief biographical data of each photographer and an insight into their professional achievements. It is introduced by a preface on the historical context by Jānis Tomaševskis, Head of the WWII Department of the Latvian War Museum.