The Livs

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In this photographic essay Juki Nakamura travels around Latvia in order to find manifestations of the intangible cultural heritage of the Liv people. As he photographed people in their natural environment he discovered a group that cultivated their cultural traditions as a testimony to their living heritage. Today there are only a few Livs that speak their mother tongue. 

With a poem by Juris Kronbergs, introductions by Valda Marija Šuvcāne and Rasma Noriņa, this book traces the history of the Liv people.

The Livs are a small ethnic group that belongs to the Balto-Finns and speaks an ancient Finno-Ugrian language. Little by little they have been assimilated into the Latvian population. Today there is a growing interest in preserving the Liv traditions and heritage, and every year there is a festival in Mazirbe where the language and songs are still heard.

Regular price € 12.00