The Girl

The Girl ("Meitene") is Lote Vilma Vītiņa's debut collection of poetry.

The collection offers a message from a young woman, which is a relatively rare event in Latvian poetry in recent years and therefore an expected and welcome one. Vītiņa's poems have an amazingly precise form, having no exaggerated details and at the same time displaying emotional capacity. The interplay between word and silence has an important role in her poetry as it creates a specific tension. The experience recorded in Vītiņa's poems is attributed to the girl, although from a broader perspective, she talks about a person's relationship with time and change.

Artis Ostups

Lote Vilma Vītiņa (1993) is a poet, illustrator and artist. She has participated in the Latvian Literary Academy workshops, performed at "White Night" events and "Dzejas Zveja" among others. Vītiņa is one of the seven poets who is included in the young poet anthology Kā pārvarēt niezi galvaskausā [How to Overcome Itch in The Skull] published by Valters Dakša, compiled by Artis Ostups and her poem is published in Monta Kroma. Re:. The Poet and The Smell is Vītiņa's debut in picture books genre.