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in the sense of place, the poet is where poetry tends to take place
for the poet in or in the middle, below, above, all around
sometimes also nowhere or here, opposite here or elsewhere
everywhere, poetry can also be everywhere
or far, far away, but we still know
that poetry is there somewhere, we just need a little more time

Ilmars Šlāpins "never", page 8.

In the new "never" collection, the reader will find both the well-known Ślāpin's sharp vision and an unusually ambitious form of expression. His latest poems are distinctly dialogic, they want to talk to the reader, to tell how it is or could be. They have the wit of a sermon, but also a democratic openness, without losing any of what is often demanded of modern poetry.

The editor of the collection Raimonds Ķirķis

Ilmars Šlāpins - philosopher, playwright, translator, writer. He has written the collections of poems "Karmabandha" and "Es nemāku, komatus", the collections of anecdotes "Anecdotes about the average Latvian and Raini" and "Anecdotes about the average Latvian and specific people", the dictionary of the modern Latvian language "Jauno Latvian language", the children's book "I really I want a dog". Wrote librettos for musicals and was a playwright for theater productions. The editor-in-chief of the Internet magazine satori.lv from 2011 to 2019.

Regular price € 7.00