City and Woman

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The German philosopher Georg Simmel is considered one of the founders of sociology. Simmel represents "philosophy of life", so it is natural that the most pressing issues of life and existence are in the circle of his attention. Simmel lays the foundations for what is later called urban sociology. He analyzes life in a big city, the differences between cities in a cultural and historical sense. Simmel was one of the first in the 20th century to try to understand feminism, women's liberation, its possibilities and consequences. At one time, Simmel was even a fashionable philosopher, while nowadays his reflections on fashion have not lost their relevance, allowing us to distinguish the fashionable from the permanent, which also characterizes his texts. The book "City and Woman" is the first edition of translations of Simmel's texts into Latvian.

The collection invites you to think about the various forms of urban existence and cultural phenomena (city, fashion, adventure, enemies, etc.), the possibilities and consequences of their cultivation. At the same time, it leads to awareness of femininity, feminine culture, the role of women in culture and society.

Translation has not only a philosophical-historical meaning. Simmel's works have the potential to stimulate discussions about the understanding, research and future actions of relevant phenomena existing in Latvia.

The essay "Napoli" by Valters Benjamins and Asja Lācis has also been added to the collection.

Regular price € 10.00