The Heritage of Religious Architecture and Art in Zemgale

This book continues the series of publications "Monuments of Art in Latvia".

In spite of the complex political history of Latvia and the major upheavals that the country experienced, bringing great damage and losses, churches throughout Latvia, and in Zemgale, too, still constitute a significant part of the heritage of architecture and art, spanning a very long period, from the 15th up to the first half of the 20th century. Essentially, these churches still fulfil their function of preserving outstanding works of historical art outside of the museum context and putting it to use. To introduce these is the aim of this book.

Mārīte Putniņa

This one volume brings together information about three former districts of Zemgale – those of Jelgava, Bauska and Dobele. According to the current administrative division, these former districts correspond to the municipalities of Jelgava, Ozolnieki, Dobele, Tērvete, Auce, Bauska, Rundāle, Iecava and Vecumnieki (the last of which includes the churches of Valle and Kurmene, located in Aizkraukle District prior to the reform). 

The book includes descriptions of 53 religious buildings: 34 Lutheran churches, nine Roman Catholic churches, five Orthodox churches, two synagogues, one Reformed church, one Old Believer congregational hall and one Seventh Day Adventist house of prayer. Six of these buildings have been destroyed entirely.