The Land of Shamans

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As the title suggests, this is a book about Tuvan shamans and their rituals as seen through eyes of the well-known Latvian photographer Andrejs Grants and publicist Uldis Tīrons.

Both authors began their story in the early nineties and completed it this year when they repeatedly visited Tuva, the country that borders with Russia in the North and Mongolia in the South. For westerners Tuva is an exotic, faraway country with two religions: Tibetan Buddhism and shamanism.

Focusing on the life and traditions of shamans, such as burial in aboveground sarcophagus, the book is a captivating source of precise and interesting anthropological information for wide circles of readers. Reading or just leafing through its pages reminds of a shamanic journey through unusual, slightly surreal landscapes and scenes that allows to widen one’s consciousness.

Regular price € 18.00