Teodors Ūders

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The series "Classics of Latvian Art" presents a book about  Teodors Ūders (1868–1914).

The fanatical human obstinacy, giftedness and admirable capacity for work of Teodors Ūders resulted in charcoal drawings robustly realistic in mood, in essence monochromatic paintings, their contents symbolically meaningful on many levels. In these works he has sought to formulate the key distinguishing features of Latvian identity, and they have achieved a kind of benchmark status in the depiction of the lives of Latvian people – farmers and fishermen, their character and love of work – in art. Hence the artist is often called the conveyer of the strength and the destiny of our people. At the same time he is also known as a major, gifted eccentric – one of the most mysterious of Latvian artists, who has always as if remained in the shadows. What was he really like, how did he live and what were his thoughts? As the artist was one who followed his own unique path, it has always been difficult to venture an answer, and so there is much that remains a mystery.

Aivars Leitis

The series "Classics of Latvian Art" includes books of medium size, offering an easily perceptible information about Latvian classical artists and their works. Similar to the "STUDIJA Library" the series "Classics of Latvian Art" is intended as bilingual (Latvian/English), richly illustrated publications. An attractive supplement at the end of each book is a timeline where the life of Latvian artists can be viewed within the context of world events, revealing connections, parallels or just interesting coincidences.

Regular price € 9.00