The Heritage of Religious Architecture and Art in Riga (English edition)

The volume "The Heritage of Religious Architecture and Art in Riga" continues the Neputns series on Latvia’s cultural heritage that provides an overview of the building history and trends of development of the places of worship of all the religious denominations in Latvia. 

This book, on the religious heritage of Riga, brings together descriptions of 60 places of worship, monasteries and complexes of such buildings in Riga. The text is supplemented with graphic material (plans, designs and survey drawings relating to churches, historical images, photographs of works of religious art, etc.). 

The sites are arranged in accordance with the administrative division of the city (the districts of Riga) and the chronological order of construction. The churches of Riga constitute that element of national culture which manifestly connects our country with the long traditions of building – mainly Christian – of Western Europe and the East. Preserved through the ages, they constitute an expression of the lofty achievement of the religious culture characteristic of the region.