You, the Great Evening Sun!

The book is a collection of essays by film theorist Inga Pērkone about Modernism in Latvian cinematography, richly illustrated with photos and images from films. 

The author focuses on the creative work of Latvian filmmakers Aivars Freimanis, Hercs Franks and Juris Podnieks; deals with reasons behind the emergence of the Riga poetic documentary school and its artistic principles; analyses works by Ansis Epners, Laila Pakalniņa and other Latvian filmmakers from the modernist viewpoint. 

The book is supplemented with indexes of persons and films as well as bibliography and filmography. 

Dr. art. Inga Pērkone, professor of the Latvian Academy of Culture, is the author of many publications, research articles and monographs about the image of a woman in Latvian films and the Latvian cinema of 1920s–1940s. She was also the scientific editor and co-author of the book about the history of Latvian feature films.