Uga Skulme

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“Uga Skulme” is already the third comprehensive album within the series dedicated to the classics of Latvian art. Artist Uga Skulme (1895–1963), who belongs to the distinguished Skulme family, represents the generation which shaped the Latvian art history of the 20th century.

The list of works included in the album, comprises more than 300 paintings, graphic works and drawings from various collections. Authors of the texts – art historians Dace Lamberga and Jurģis Skulme, as well as the artist’s models Elvīra Baldiņa and Sarmīte Sīle – each reveal a different aspect of Uga Skulme’s personality through different periods of time.

The album is supplemented with the artist’s recollections in a separate volume, which contains a unique, never before published material.

Regular price € 18.00