Wolf's Pedigree

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Vasko Popa (1922–1991) was one of the most brilliant Yugoslav poets of the second half of the 20th century, with a unique, idiosyncratic poetics that gained recognition not only in his homeland, but also in the international literary world.

Vasko Popa is generally regarded as an innovator of post-war Yugoslav poetry, however strange it may be to call a poet whose work has such a strong timeless, mythical, even archaic dimension. Folkloric motifs, dark humour and the discoveries of twentieth-century modernist movements, in laconic expression, have synthesised in his work into a vividly individual poetics. The corpus of Vasko Popa’s works is a book written for a lifetime – a body that is coherent in content and form, albeit with apparent internal development and unexpected turns.

Arvis Viguls

The publication continues the black poetry series of Neputns, which presents works by modernist and contemporary poets from different countries.

Regular price € 7.00