Vladimirs Glušenkovs

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Monograph by art historian and curator Daina Auziņa acquaints the reader with Vladimirs Glušenkovs (1948–2009), an artist who hardly fit into the Latvian art scene.

Vladimirs Glušenkovs was a personality of a borderzone, impossible to be put in frame; his creative expressions are difficult to contextualize as they tend to “jump out” of almost any context. His creative path was endless search, his aim was process, not the result. 

The book includes painter Miervaldis Polis’ memories about the artist, as well as Glušenkovs’ account of his painting principles. The book is supplemented with the artist’s creative biography, index of persons and selected bibliography.

Being an unconventional personality, all his life he was admirably versatile and active, therefore his life story, personality and creative output can serve to characterize an entire era and its society – from the point of view of an outcast, ignored yet unbroken artist.

Daina Auziņa

Regular price € 12.00