Alnis Stakle

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The book tells about the one of few internationally acclaimed younger-generation photographers Alnis Stakle. He has participated in exhibitions of photography and contemporary art since 1998, and has also created solo exhibitions.

Self-portraits, still lifes and close-ups of the private milieu, and detached views of deserted (or almost deserted) landscapes – such are the characteristic motifs of Alnis’ photography. Commenting on his own work, Alnis frequently emphasises its personal character: motifs such as dreaming, introspection and meditation are combined and reiterated. His work certainly is personal, but that does not mean it’s overt or intimate. Alnis utilises material from life in order to create and develop his system of imagery, and all of his works are characterised by detached and reticent observation, as if from outside or from above, and this special perspective, cleansed of emotion, presents an opportunity for polysemous interpretation.

The author of the book Alise Tīfentāle has studied communication studies, theology and art history. She is also the author of a collection of short stories and two novels. Since 1996, she has been publishing reviews and studies on contemporary art.

Regular price € 2.00