Famous Five

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The book tells about the group of artists 'Famous five' or 'F5'. The group formed in 1998 during the ‘Polar Circuit’ media art symposium in Tornio, Finland. In 2002 they participated in the 25th Sao Paulo Biennial with the work ‘Have a Nice Night’, and in 2005 represented the Republic of Latvia at the Venice Biennale 51st International Exhibition of Contemporary Art with the exhibition ‘Dark Bulb’. In 2003 'F5' won the competition held by the Ministry of Culture for participation in the Venice Biennale 50th International Exhibition of Contemporary Art with the ‘Euphoria’ project. (As a consequence of political decisions participation in the biennale was cancelled, although the project was published in the biennale catalogue).

The author Jānis Taurens has studied architecture at the Riga Polytechnic Institute and philosophy at the University of Latvia. He is a Doctor of Philosophy and professor at the Latvia Academy of Art. He is thinking and writing about philosophy, architecture and contemporary art.

Regular price € 2.00