Uga Skulme. Writings. 1921–1940

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The critical articles of the painter, critic, art historian and teacher Uga Skulme (1895–1963) are published in 14 notebooks in chronological order, starting from 1921 and ending with 1940. The writings are complemented by visual materials arranged in a separate notebook, which gives the contemporary reader the opportunity to view both the publications in which Skulme’s articles were published and the works of art about which he wrote.

Uga Skulme was not only a painter and graphic artist, but also an art critic who expressed the views of the Classical Modernist generation, to which he himself belonged, on art. It can be said that he also embarked on educational work, trying to reveal to the general public the values that a work of art can provide

Laima Slava, the editor-in-chief of Neputns

For this edition, Astrīde Skulme has selected more than 300 publications: reviews of exhibitions and books, theoretical reflections, reviews of foreign trips, etc. 

The publication is supplemented by an introduction by the scientific editor Stella Pelše, as well as short explanations of terms, names, events, as well as the index of persons.

Regular price € 24.00