Wolves, Devils and Men. Life and Creative Work of Alberts Kronenbergs

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The book is dedicated to life and work of the artist, book illustrator and author Alberts Kronenbergs (1887–1958).

The famous characters of Kronenbergs’ books – Tuntuļu Jurītis, Jērādiņa, the Little Shepherd and others are known to and loved by children of several generations. This book will offer the reader either a delightful revisiting or a surprising acquaintance with the well-known author.

Alberts Kronenbergs was a versatile, creative personality, although today he is known mainly as the author of children’s books. He was a prolific illustrator – his drawings are included in about 130 books. Kronenbergs is considered a founder of Latvian comics as well as Latvian political caricature genre.

Regular price € 25.00